“A Message From God” tells us that a “Shift” is coming, soon.  What if you Knew WHEN…?  Please read current Messages of Light here…
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From “Before the Beginning…”

to “And Something Wonderful is about to Happen.”

GodsEye03 HUBBLE“The eye of God” as seen from the Hubble Space Telescope

“A Message From God” was given to John Curtis Stetenfeld OG on April 4, 1999.

The intent of this website is to share “A Message From God” and the Guidance it contains to all Soulful Human Beings on Earth.  The Message is non-denominational and not affiliated with any of the major Religions of the world.  It is most definitely Spiritual and the words divinely inspired, written down as they were received, from God.

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LOGO Soulular Shift 2a Soul for Humanity on Earth

Shifting into Soulular

A process aimed at becoming fully Aware of
your mind & body connections with your Soul,
and to then Align Mind and Body with your Soul, so as to
achieve direct Communication and Guidance;
ultimately to merge and become One.

 The 13 Elements of Soul
Soul Creation

Soulular Memory
Soulular Discovery
Soulular Rotations
Merging Mind, Body and Soul
Soulular Meditation
Higher-Self Guidance



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